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DEVO's Officers 2012/2013

Diana Wang - President

Diana grew up in Berkeley, California and graduated from UC Davis in 2010 with a BS in Microbiology.  After graduating she has worked harvests in Napa and Australia.  Diana is a second year MS student in Viticulture & Enology and is currently continuing her research in Dr. Linda Bisson's lab.


Maya Hood White - Vice-President


After completing her undergraduate work at Virginia Tech, Maya realized she did not, in fact, want to spend her life working at an engineering firm in a cubicle....which, naturally lead her to pursue wine!

Maya has worked in Virginia at two boutique wineries Blenheim Vineyards and Afton Mountain Vineyards.  She is a graduate student in Hildegarde Heymann’s lab and is studying the sensory and chemical impact of volatile compounds in sparkling wine, in relation to the dynamic attributes of bottle conditions.  Maya is looking forward to applying her background in mathematics and engineering to the study of wine.


Laura Cypress - Vice-President



Carolina Bistue - Treasurer & IM Sports



Constantin "Stan" Heitkamp - Secretary

Returning Secretary, UC Davis would simply not let Stan go. Originally transferring here from Germany’s most prestigious (and formerly only) V&E University, Constantin is putting his “golden ticket” scholarship to good use. After two busy years of V&E Undergrad at UCD, a Napa harvest and earning a Department citation award, his decision to stick around for research was chiseled in stone. Uncertain which specialization to pursue for a PhD, Stan just fell back into the European pattern – earning a Master’s before applying to a PhD. Jumping head first into his research directly after his Undergrad commencement, he has dedicated the next two years to an interdisciplinary project of the Matthews/Shackel think-tank. Active member of DEVO since day 1, involvement as an officer became a matter of heart and honor since 2011/12, and he is happy to serve an additional term as Secretary for 2012/13 as well. His best guess why: “I just like being the old guy grudgingly waving his cane while making historic references.”



Lauren Kopit - Food Science & Technology Liaison

Lauren is a second year Master's student in the department of Viticulture and Enology. After growing up in Southern California, she graduated from UC Davis in 2009 with a BS in Microbiology and proceeded to spend the next year and a half working as a lab technician in the wine industry, with harvests at Franciscan Estates and Crew Wine Company. She is an avid horse polo player, enjoys playing sports, being outside, and cheering for the San Francisco Giants. Diving headfirst into her studies and research with the Marco Lab, Lauren hopes to work abroad upon her completion of the Master's program.


Tyler Kirby - Undergraduate Representative

Tyler is from Oakdale, California and is studying Viticulture & Enology as well as Economics.  "I'm going on my 5th year (victory lap as I like to call it).  I worked my first harvest last summer (2012) in Yountville at Domaine Chandon as a cellar rat and in my spare time I like to write music and go climbing.  In the future I plan to do some traveling outside of the states, as I have never been, perhaps I'll follow the harvest circuit around the world."



Jilian Guernsey - Undergraduate Representative



Nick Antignano - Winemaker


Nick grew up in a small farming/beach community on North Fork of Long Island.  He worked in vineyards as a teenager, before dropping out of college to follow the wayward vine out to the West coast.  "I drove my RV across the country right up to Mrak Hall, ready to take classes"  And now, in no small part due to some inspiring and beautiful people "thank you to Joe Macari (Macari Vineyards), Leonard Diggs (SRJC Shone Farm), Laura Breyer, and the Peterson family", Nick is gratified in his role as both student in the V&E department and winemaker for DEVO.  He's looking for a way to stay in Davis as long as possible - so if you have some advice on how best to accomplish that, drop him a line.  A well-rounded chap, Nick enjoys laying around watching wildlife do its day-to-day, reading in bed with hot tea, gardening, history, morning coffee and cigarette, and walking around sniffing out the world.


Aaron Luna - Winemaker



Michael Conway

Michael is from San Rafael, CA and is an undergraduate student in the V&E department.  "I love horticulture and botany;  I'm passionate about cooking, it's essentially therapeutic;  I'm strangely attracted to tattoos, stinky cheese and cured meats, as well as craft beer and wine; and I spend as much time as possible camping, especially in Joshua Tree and Yosemite."  His work experience includes salesman at Sunnyside Nursery and Landscape Foreman at Boughton Landscaping 2000 - 2006 & intern at Dacalier Wine Company during the 2010 harvest.

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