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DEVO's Officers 2013/2014



Tina Beveridge - Co-President

Tina is a second year master's candidate in the V&E Department's new Professional Science Master's Program. Tina was born and raised in Madera, California and obtained her BS in Biology from UC San Diego. Prior to attending UC Davis, she worked in the wine industry at Louis M. Martini Winery, Whitehaven Wine Company (New Zealand) and Quady Winery. Tina's interests and hobbies generally involve the four wonders of the world: wine, cheese, bread and beer. She also enjoys hiking, running, biking and being in the great outdoors, exploring new music, inhaling coffee and baking goodies for her friends.



Gavin Sharrocks - Co-President

Born and raised in west Sonoma County, Gavin didn’t anticipate the impact the local wine industry would have on his life. Trying to find his path after high school, he found himself working for a family friend and local wine grower. Following a harvest in South Australia and three harvests in the Russian River Valley, Gavin entered the Viticulture and Enology program at UC Davis. Entering his final year as an undergraduate, he hopes to pursue another international harvest opportunity in New Zealand or Burgundy before settling down to trap gophers in the outskirts of Sebastopol. Outside of wine related pleasures, his time is spent barbequing with friends, playing games both on a board or a field, and doing anything that involves a jet-ski, Seinfeld or the hills of Sonoma county.



Jack Fagundes - Co-Vice President

Jack is part of a dying breed of second bachelor's students here in the V&E department, after making the switch from a marketing research background in San Diego.  "Wine tickled my nose, so I realized this was what I wanted to pursue."  He gave up the sunny beach life to take prep classes at Napa Valley College and other local colleges while working odd jobs, before finally making his way to UCD.  Jack is working his first harvest this year as a lab and cellar tech at Clarksburg Wine Company, and is "super stoked" about it.  In his free time he enjoys exploring new places, visiting family and friends, and watching or playing futebol, as they call soccer in his native Brazil.



Andrea Gowen - Co-Vice President / Web Coordinator



Dave Hendrickson - Treasurer

After growing up in Seattle Dave moved to Southern California and completed his undergraduate education in neuroscience at Pomona College.  Although he had originally planned to pursue medical school, Dave decided instead to chase his passion for wine that he had found while working at several fine dining restaurants.  Before taking the plunge at UC Davis he worked a harvest at Navarro Vineyards in the Anderson Valley where he developed a particular interest in Pinot Noir.  Dave is a second year Master's student in Anita Oberholster's lab in the department of Viticulture and Enology.  His research is investigating the effects of mechanical harvesting and optical sorting on the chemical and sensory properties of wine.


Anna Mantheaki - Secretary

Anna (rhymes with Donna) hails from the remote and rainy mountains of Southern Oregon, where her father made his first attempts to teach her how to taste wine while frog fishing in an algae ridden pond nestled in the middle of a local vineyard. In college (SOU, Ashland), she studied a little philosophy and a lot of science, and she began her steady and ambitious trajectory toward a career as an artist- no, a veterenarian- no actually a doctor- nevermind, a biomedical researcher. Until she took a chemistry of wine class, and in a blinding flash, her true destiny became clear. In her free time, she draws stuff and likes to think she can play the banjo. Anna enjoys most forms of alcohol, people watching, and clouds.



Constantin "Stan" Heitkamp - Inter-Departmental Liaison / Graduate Student Association Representative

Returning for a third term of holding an officer’s position in DEVO, UC Davis would simply not let Stan go. Originally transferring here from Germany’s most prestigious (and formerly only) V&E University, Constantin is putting his “golden ticket” scholarship to good use. After two busy years of V&E Undergrad at UCD, a Napa harvest and earning a Department citation award, his decision to stick around for research was chiseled in stone. Uncertain which specialization to pursue for a PhD, Stan just fell back into the European pattern – earning a Master’s before applying to a PhD. Jumping head first into his research directly after his Undergrad commencement, he has dedicated the 2012-14 academic years to an interdisciplinary project of the Matthews/Shackel think-tank. Active member of DEVO since day 1, involvement as an officer became a matter of heart and honor since 2011/12, and he is happy to serve a third term in 2013/14. His best guess why: “I just like being the old guy grudgingly waving his cane while making historic references.” After two years of being Secretary, he will now be “interdepartmental liaison” and the Department’s representative to the “Graduate Student Association” (GSA), which gives a voice to Graduate student concerns in both campus and state policy.



Gustavo Sotelo-Miller - Winemaker



Rosa Molinar - Co-Logistics Officer

Rosa grew up in wine country, Sonoma Valley, in the city of Sonoma. Growing up here helped feed her passion for horticulture, botany, and wine. Rosa went to Santa Rosa Junior College and transferred to UC Davis in 2011 as an undergraduate student in the V&E department. During her two years at Davis she's worked in Dr. Andy Walker’s Lab as a research lab assistant helping with Pierce's disease, new rootstocks, and powdery mildew projects. After graduating in the Fall 2013, she plans to work many harvest internships around the world. Rosa loves anything to do with birds and being outside and is an avid gardener, hiker, bird watcher, and runner.



Anthony Hernandez - Co-Logistics Officer



Katie Wayman - Undergraduate Representative

Katie is from Medford, Oregon.  After applying to UC Davis V&E on a whim, she decided it really was the place for her and is now studying V&E, Pre-Med, and Spanish.  She does not yet have any work experience in the field, instead attempting to ward off a 5th year with summer school, but is looking forward to her first internship next summer.

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