Constantin "Stan" Heitkamp

Position Title
Inter-Departmental Liaison / Graduate Student Association Representative


Returning for a third term of holding an officer’s position in DEVO, UC Davis would simply not let Stan go. Originally transferring here from Germany’s most prestigious (and formerly only) V&E University, Constantin is putting his “golden ticket” scholarship to good use. After two busy years of V&E Undergrad at UCD, a Napa harvest and earning a Department citation award, his decision to stick around for research was chiseled in stone. Uncertain which specialization to pursue for a PhD, Stan just fell back into the European pattern – earning a Master’s before applying to a PhD. Jumping head first into his research directly after his Undergrad commencement, he has dedicated the 2012-14 academic years to an interdisciplinary project of the Matthews/Shackel think-tank. Active member of DEVO since day 1, involvement as an officer became a matter of heart and honor since 2011/12, and he is happy to serve a third term in 2013/14. His best guess why: “I just like being the old guy grudgingly waving his cane while making historic references.” After two years of being Secretary, he will now be “interdepartmental liaison” and the Department’s representative to the “Graduate Student Association” (GSA), which gives a voice to Graduate student concerns in both campus and state policy.