Constantin Stan Heitkamp

Position Title


Returning Secretary, UC Davis would simply not let Stan go. Originally transferring here from Germany’s most prestigious (and formerly only) V&E University, Constantin is putting his “golden ticket” scholarship to good use. After two busy years of V&E Undergrad at UCD, a Napa harvest and earning a Department citation award, his decision to stick around for research was chiseled in stone. Uncertain which specialization to pursue for a PhD, Stan just fell back into the European pattern – earning a Master’s before applying to a PhD. Jumping head first into his research directly after his Undergrad commencement, he has dedicated the next two years to an interdisciplinary project of the Matthews/Shackel think-tank. Active member of DEVO since day 1, involvement as an officer became a matter of heart and honor since 2011/12, and he is happy to serve an additional term as Secretary for 2012/13 as well. His best guess why: “I just like being the old guy grudgingly waving his cane while making historic references.”