Position Title
Co-Vice President


Being born and raised in southern Utah until the age of 13, Zack had no inclination that he would be studying Viticulture and Enology at a University of California. Football and boy scouts turned into surfing and home winemaking. The transition to the wine life began when he helped a friend and mentor plant a home vineyard in Carmel Valley. At the time he was attending the local community college with no real academic direction other than an interest in environmental science, but working outside on a beautiful day with good friends sparked the possibility that viticulture could be a fun field to get into. Zack had always been a passionate hobbyist, and this field allowed for a future of travel, science, and hands on work. Four years later he is close to becoming the first in the family with a college degree. His eyes are on harvests abroad and opportunities at home in Monterey. Davis has proved to be an amazing program filled with like minded students passionate about living life creatively and contributing to the wine industry with their own take of what the V&E department has to offer.