Picnic Day Grape Vine Giveaway

Picnic Day Grape Vine Giveaway flyerExcited about the grapevine you received at Picnic Day 2019? Growing a grapevine can be rather challenging, especially when you want it to perform well and actually carry some delicious fruit as soon as possible. To help you get started and get your vine to where you want it to be, we have assembled a short guide full of great tips on how to make your grapevine happy. Click here to download instructions (pdf) on how to care for and train your new grapevine to get the most out of it.

Click on the variety names below to download a full color fact sheet about your particular vine variety!

Don't see the variety you got on this list?

For detailed information on more varieties (wine and table grapes) check out the other fact sheets here, courtesy of UC Integrated Viticulture Online.

Find more information on growing and caring for your vines, as well as recent publications, videos, seminars, and events related to viticulture here: UC Integrated Viticulture Online.

Do you like the beautiful fact sheets and want to know more about grapevine varieties in California? They can all be found in the gorgeous book Wine Grape Varieties in California which was published by the University of California Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources.