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Nick grew up in a small farming/beach community on North Fork of Long Island.  He worked in vineyards as a teenager, before dropping out of college to follow the wayward vine out to the West coast.  "I drove my RV across the country right up to Mrak Hall, ready to take classes"  And now, in no small part due to some inspiring and beautiful people "thank you to Joe Macari (Macari Vineyards), Leonard Diggs (SRJC Shone Farm), Laura Breyer, and the Peterson family", Nick is gratified in his role as both student in the V&E department and winemaker for DEVO.  He's looking for a way to stay in Davis as long as possible - so if you have some advice on how best to accomplish that, drop him a line.  A well-rounded chap, Nick enjoys laying around watching wildlife do its day-to-day, reading in bed with hot tea, gardening, history, morning coffee and cigarette, and walking around sniffing out the world.